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    In the era of the "Cheerlebrity" Peppermint as a whole defined the word. Eighteen young children were placed on a Level 1 Allstar cheerleading team at one of the most renowned cheer programs in the world. Follow the unbelievable story of the 2014-2015 Stingray Allstars Peppermint, a team that uplifts an entire community through friendship, teamwork, triumph and belief in one another.


    This story is written from the perspective of an unsuspecting team dad who is thrust into the ultra-competitive, high-octane sport of Allstar Cheerleading. Through hard work, dedication, injury and sacrifice they molded into a team that in their own minds, were just as good and talented as any Senior 5 team in the world.


    Peppermint captured the hearts of many by their determination, work ethic, overcoming the impossible and the energy that electrified even the most casual Allstar cheer fan. This story epitomizes the beauty of youth sports and highlights the power of a coach who believed with all her heart that this team was going to be special. The coach instills an unbreakable belief in the hearts of every child that they could be the best in the world, and this team dared to believe it. Will they be able to achieve the goal that no one saw coming?

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